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Sunroom Frequently Asked Questions
1.  What are my options when ordering a sunroom?

    Sunrooms can be either ordered as complete kits supplied by several sunroom manufacturers or for a
    better look, most homeowners prefer a custom designed sunroom.  This allows for maximum glass view
    and minimal filler panel.

2.  What if I already have a porch or a screen room?  

    This is a quite simple and inexpensive way to add value to your home. A qualified builder should be able
    illustrate what your porch conversion will look like. The sunroom designer will consider the structural
    integrity of the existing porch and retrofit window units appropriate for three seasons or four season use.

3.  What kind of framing should be used to construct a sunroom?

    Most sunroom and porch designers recommend a high grade aluminum extrusion with a minimum gauge
    of .045. This eliminates the bulky appearance of traditional wood framing.  

4.  What is the difference between a 3 season and 4 season sunroom?  

    Simply said, a 4 season sunroom is considered to be a habitable, year round living space. It is heated
    and/or cooled, insulated, and includes appropriate electrical outlets. Foundation requirements are
    generally more stringent for a 4 season room than a 3 season room.   3 season rooms differ in this
    sense: Because they are not heated, the room is considered non habitable.

    Generally the window unit sashes are made of 10ml. polyvinyl.  One manufacturer of these panels is PGT
    Industries, which promotes the EZE-Breeze system. EZE-Breeze is a 4 track window that allows for 75%
    ventilation. Other 3 season rooms use single glazed glass or acrylic. Acrylic is 10 times stronger than
    glass and works well in hurricane prone areas. A 3season room has noticeable benefits compared to just
    a screen or open porch. Enclosing the room keeps dust, dirt, and pollen out. Homeowners frequently use
    cloth based furniture out in the sunroom when they know they are able to close off the area.

5.  How long does it take to build a sunroom or do a porch conversion?

    A complete sunroom, roof, walls, and foundation generally takes about 3 weeks. Building inspections and
    homeowner associations, however, can add some unforeseen delays.

6.  If I am planning a new sunroom or patio enclosure, what's a recommended size?

    Obviously everyone’s needs are different, but the general guideline depends on furniture arrangement. If
    you plan on having, say a couch, loveseat, and dining area, we suggest approximately 200 square feet.
    Example: 16x12 finished sunroom.

7.  How much does a sunroom or porch conversion cost?

    The average four season room turnkey should run between $110-$145 per square foot. A three season
    room will be a bit less. Converting an existing porch to a 3 season room with a PGT EZE-breeze will
    range from $5000-$7500.  

8.  What will add the most value to my home?

    A four season sunroom will by far add the most value because it is heated square footage and will be
    appraised accordingly when the property is marketed for sale.

9.  Are there any options that should be considered for an all season sunroom?

    Yes. No matter what climate you live in, consider purchasing the best low-e coating available such as
    Climatech Low-e offered by Alside. They also utilize the PPG Intercept Warm-Edge spacer system which
    makes the glass up to 40% more energy efficient than other Low-E glass systems.

    Also you might consider ordering your glass sunroom with self-cleaning glass or a hydrophobic glass
    coating offered by Created as a benefit of nanotechnology, these coatings can
    reduce glass cleaning by as much as 90%!

10.  How do I choose a reliable contractor for my sunroom or porch conversion project?

    Our best advice first: Choose a contractor that specializes in sunrooms and porch conversions. The
    contractor should preferably be licensed. He or she should have multiple references readily available at
    the initial meeting. How long have the technicians been with the company?

    Beware of contractors that require large deposits. Most contractors should have credit with their
    suppliers. WORD OF MOUTH is your best insurance. Large ads in newspapers, Yellow Pages, Television
    doesn't guarantee credibility.  Also ,if they have a mortar and brick showroom, that indicates stability.
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