Heating and Cooling Options for Sunrooms

If you are having a sunroom built, you will have to consider if you want it heated and cooled. Some homeowners will opt not to install a heating/cooling system. Their room will be closed off from the elements with either glass or vinyl windows but it will not be considered part of the home’s heated and cooled square footage. This is known as a three season room. This type of room can still be quite comfortable, especially in Eastern North Carolina’s mild climate. Our contractors can easily install a ceiling fan to help keep the 3 season room cooler in the hot North Carolina summers. Space heaters can also be used to warm up the space in the winter.

If a homeowner decides on a 4 season sunroom, the space will need to have some kind of heating and cooling system in order for it to be counted as livable square footage. Plus a four season sunroom will be comfortable all year long, even in the coldest winter months and hottest summer months. The majority of homeowners already have central air conditioning in their home. If this is the case, our Porch Conversion Sunroom team can tap into the existing system. This is usually done by bringing ductwork into the sunroom and installing vents. The advantage of this method is that it is easy to keep the temperature of the room consistently the same as the rest of your house. A separate thermostat can also be installed and your sunroom’s temperature can be adjusted without affecting the rest of your home. Our PorchConversion crew will be able to inspect your air conditioning system to make sure that it is powerful enough to adequately heat and cool the additional square footage of your sunroom.

While using existing ductwork is a very effective way to heat/cool your 4 season room, sometimes it is not an option. This method can be more difficult (and more costly) if your home is built on a concrete slab, which is common in many Wilmington and Raleigh homes. If it is prohibitively expensive, another great option is a mini-split air conditioning unit. These are very slim and compact, wall-mounted systems. Mini-splits are usually installed high on a wall so that they are not at eye level, even though these units look quite stylish. The compressor is located outside of your sunroom with the tubing running behind the walls, completely out of site. Operated by a wireless remote, these units are extremely quiet and energy efficient.

Other options for heating and cooling is using a PTAC unit which is similar to what you see in hotel rooms, or a portable air conditioning units. Homeowners have also had radiant floor heating or base board heating installed, but this will only heat your sunroom and won’t provide a cooling mechanism.

Porch Conversion’s team will help you determine which air conditioning system is right for your sunroom. We will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

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